Testimonials About Ruebel Funeral Home
After all business is concluded with a family and the funeral, memorial, or cremation services are completed, we mail out a small information packet. Within this packet is a survey that is provided by Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

Selected Independent Funeral Homes is an international association of independently owned and operated funeral homes that was founded in 1917. Membership within this organization is by invitation only, and is extended to funeral firms only after a thorough evaluation of their reputation, character, service, and facilities.

The survey that is sent out is a part of ongoing membership requirements of Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

The following comments have been selected from those surveys and information provided to us by Selected Independent Funeral Homes. It is comments like these that keep each of us aware that we are here to help. The kindness shown in these statements are what keeps us going in funeral service.

(In order to respect the privacy of each family, there are no family names given.)

"Our family is extremely satisfied with our director, Tom. He was very 'up-front' concerning his role and the personal service was outstanding."

"The folks at Ruebel Funeral Home were great! Judy Durheim was extremely professional while at the same time she showed a loving, caring, compassionate side toward me at a very difficult time."

"Danny came to our home and took care of everything. He was so thoughtful and nice. We are so happy he took care of us - he couldn't have been better!"

"Blake Ruff was friendly, but competent and professional - helpful in every way."

"The information provided and attention from staff were most meaningful to me. I also felt comfortable with the overall ambience of the funeral home. The fine art decor was great too."

"We were very satisfied with the director that took care of us. The service couldn't have been more beautiful. Danny and Jason assisted us in every aspect."

"Jason was very knowledgeable and helped in a very caring way."

"Tom was very good at seeing that everything went well and was very aware and attune to our family's needs. I don't think I could have made it through the process without him."

"We were very satisfied with our funeral director, Danny. He put everyone at ease, like a good friend."

"Tom paid careful attention to my smallest wishes. The staff was prompt and attentive, courteous and kind."

"Jason Engler is someone you can talk to, concerning the many questions we had. He was most helpful and pleasant through it all. We were given the privacy to make our decisions with no sales pressure at any time."

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