History of Ruebel Funeral Home
Ruebel Funeral Home, the oldest funeral service establishment in the city of Little Rock, had its beginning in early 1901 on the corner of Sixth and Main Street. In 1941 Ruebel Funeral Home moved  to a converted home at 1210 Wolfe Street until the construction in 1963 of the present establishment at 6313 West Markham Street. This new facility operates with four staterooms for family comfort, a chapel that seats 300 people, a modern arrangement room, a quarter panel casket show room of 32 caskets and a visitation / reception area able to accommodate up to 300 people.

For over a hundred years Ruebel Funeral Home has continually offered services of its facility, equipment and staff for immediate response to central Arkansas families of every religion preference, race and socioeconomic circumstances. 

George H. Wittenberg was acquired by Ruebel Funeral Home in 1953 becoming its Secretary and part owner. At the time, Jack Reed was made Vice-President and Treasurer, while Alfred Leymer held down the position of President. In 1978 Thomas C. Wittenberg, son of George, became associated with the firm and was made President in 1983. Following  the deaths of Jack Reed and George Wittenberg in 1997, Tom Wittenberg became sole owner and Chief Executive Officer.

Since he became president, Tom Wittenberg not only continues to maintain an excellent image and reputation for the funeral home, but constantly strives to improve services. Our facility now uses top technological innovations while preserving good traditions that have been the corner stone of Ruebel Funeral Home for over a hundred years. Now we are using new technologies like a computer information processing system, web-site, wireless communication and publishing systems. 

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