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When a death occurs and cremation has been chosen, the Funeral Home is called by a family member, caregiver, minister, or anyone the family chooses.

Once the call is received, the deceased will be removed from the place of death by Funeral Home personnel and taken back to the funeral home. At the Funeral Home, one of our funeral directors will assist the next of kin in making all necessary decisions. 

Before the cremation takes place, several documents must be completed by the funeral home, and health professionals. These documents include a signed copy of the death certificate (the death certificate is completed by the funeral home and transported to the Dr. for his signature), a cremation permit (the funeral home completes this form and files it with the Arkansas Department of Health), and the cremation authorization (this document is filled out by the funeral director and signed by the family during the arrangement conference).

The actual process of cremation itself normally takes two to three hours. Ashes typically weigh several pounds, and take up a space of approximately 150 to 200 cubic inches.

Afterwards, the ashes are placed in an urn as selected, and are returned to the family unless other arrangements have been made. It is the recommendation of the funeral home that an urn is purchased to retain the dignity of the cremated remains.

Our Funeral Home also assists with memorial or committal services, whether in the chapel of the Funeral Home, at a Church, cemetery, or any other location.  Our Funeral Home can also assist the family in scheduling any viewing or ceremonies of remembrance that are to occur before cremation, or any post-cremation memorial services, or scattering ceremonies. Please note that our funeral home requires the deceased to be identified by one or more family members or their agents prior to the transport to the crematory.

For your convenience, the funeral home will handle the filing of the death certificate and notification of Social Security and the Veterans' Administration (if the deceased was a veteran).

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