A Practical Checklist
Use this simple, practical checklist when making funeral arrangements.

Things to ask when selecting a funeral home:

  • Are you a locally owned funeral home?
  • Are you a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes?
  • Life insurance and pre-paid services cover the cost of many funeral services. What types of services could I receive here if I have these options (Note: Ask only if a loved one made such previous arrangements)?
  • What are the necessary steps, materials and/or government regulations to consider when pre-arranging a funeral (Note: Ask only if pre-arranging a funeral)?
  • Am I able to customize the funeral service I want for the deceased?
  • What kinds of funeral packages (if any) do you offer?

Materials to pick up while at the funeral home:

  • A general price list and list of services
  • A copy of specific prices if the general list does not include prices for such things as caskets, urns, etc.
  • A written memorandum of charges (if funeral goods and services are agreed upon/purchased)
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