Advanced Planning
According to all the surveys, the most important benefit of making funeral arrangements in advance is PEACE OF MIND.

Top five facts you should know:

  • Pre-arranging eases the burden of final decisions and finances from loved ones during their time of grief.
  • Choosing a funeral home should be based on referrals and personal visits and may take some time.
  • Funeral homes are required by law and should provide to you detailed price lists for services offered.
  • Selecting proper services and arrangements should reflect the personality of the deceased.
  • Asking about any special needs or desires you, your loved one or your family may have should be expected.

 In addition, pre-planning your funeral ...

  • Removes the decision-making burden from the shoulders of loved ones at the time of need. They will not have to search for insurance policies, addresses and other important records as the funeral home can keep copies of all important records provided to it. It allows making deliberate, informed decisions ahead of time, instead of  hasty, emotional choices often made at the time of need. 
  • Assures that your wishes and preferences for funeral services are fulfilled. You can make known your true wishes about every detail of funeral planning.
  • Helps settle any differences that may arise within your family about the type and costs of the funeral service.
  • Allows you to meet the funeral director of your choice and ask  questions about service options, including:
    • The value of a complete funeral service and its benefits in the grieving  process.
    • Cremation and its effect on the survivors.
  • Having the opportunity to set aside funds in advance to protect against inflation by pre-paying costs at todays price, thereby eliminating inflation.
  • Transportation topics can be discussed ahead of time if desired place of internment is far away.

Things to think about ... alone or with your family

Have you thought of pre-planning your funeral or the funeral of a loved one? Most people prefer to avoid the topic, but planning a funeral in the midst of loss and grief can be one of the most difficult challenges we and our loved ones will ever handle. On the other hand pre-arranging a funeral can be one of the wisest decisions we can make - for our peace of mind, as well as for that of family and friends.

Pre-arrangement allows us to make the time of loss a bit easier for the bereaved by taking the difficult and important decisions regarding funeral and burial services off of their shoulders. Such arrangements can spare survivors the burden of incurring expenses on our behalf during their time of grief and, perhaps most importantly, pre-arrangement ensures that our wishes are fulfilled.

Whether or not you pre-arrange, planning a funeral starts with choosing the right funeral home. Talk to people who have recently experienced a death to find out what recommendations and suggestions they may have. Ministers are also great sources of information and referral . Look for a funeral home that offers an atmosphere of kindness, understanding and respect.

Once you've chosen the facility you'll be using , it's time to make specific decisions regarding the visitation, cremation, funeral, and/or burial plans. Keep in mind that when you are planning a service the funeral home is required by law to give you a price list for services requested. Don't be charged for services you don't want and don't be afraid to ask about any special needs you or your family members may have.

When making the arrangements, remember that the choices you make should reflect the personality of the deceased. Personal hobbies and personality traits can be illustrated through special displays or in the details of the service.

Much more than just a ceremonial duty, a funeral is an opportunity to let loved ones honor the deceased and play a crucial role in their grieving process. Take steps to ensure the experience is fulfilling to loved ones by discussing your plans and pre-arranging your funeral early.

Pre-arranging your funeral service

Once you've chosen a funeral home and had the opportunity to start discussing your preferences, the next logical step is to pre-arrange the service. Pre-arrangement is not a preoccupation with death; it is a personal tool for preparation. Many people pre-arrange in a sincere desire to be helpful to their families and avoid questions and confusion later on.

The first step is to get together with your family. Offer your thoughts and then listen carefully. Give their ideas special attention. Since your funeral will most directly affect your family, it is essential to include their suggestions in your plans.

Next, go ahead and arrange a conference with your funeral director and family members. Use this opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary, and to discuss the choices that will help to create a tribute that is appropriate and meaningful for you.

Your funeral director has the proper forms needed for making these arrangements. He or she will likely keep a copy of these forms on file, but you should ask for copies as well. Keep them with your valuable papers, review them periodically, and update them as necessary. Remember, with a pre-arrangement plan, you are in charge.

Funding the pre-arranged service is also a choice many people make to further ease a possible financial burden on their family members. It allows you to arrange the specific kind of service you desire based on today's prices and be assured of an adequate fund for the future payment of the service.

There are several options available for funding the pre-arrangement, and they may vary somewhat in each state or province. Talk to your funeral director about funding the pre-arranged funeral service. He or she will be able to give you helpful information and thoughtful guidance.

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